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Lawson’s Carey Limousine is a division of Carey Elite Limousine Service of Calgary, Alberta, Canada offering limousine service in Calgary and, as a member of the Carey System, offering international limousine reservations in over 400 cities worldwide.

For more information:

in Calgary: (403) 291-2566
fax: (403) 250-3725

Carey has over 75 years of history of leadership in providing premium service dating back to 1921, when J. Paul Carey acquired the Packard Touring Car Company, with six Packard touring cars at Grand Central Station in New York City. When Newark Airport and La Guardia Airport opened, the visionary Carey created the multi-passenger jitney vehicle for transportation to and from these airports. When the people at Carey learned of the asthma condition of their valued customer, the King of Sweden, a creative Carey mechanic placed a block of ice in the trunk of the car and hooked up a fan to blow air over it into the back seat, thus creating the first air-conditioned chauffeured vehicle. Putting forth the extra effort has been a hallmark of Carey employees. In other innovations, Carey was an industry pioneer in accepting credit cards, using cellular telecommunications and instituting airport greeter service.